How to decor photo frame

An extensive collection of photographs, which everyone has nowadays, is becoming a popular decoration for modern interiors. For the dearest memories you want to find a worthy frame, so the question of how to make a beautiful frame becomes particularly relevant. Below we will tell you about the ways to decorate photo frames and the materials used, as well as how to beautifully place a collection of photos on the wall.

Popular ways to decorate

Frames made industrially either look too unpresentable, or cost obscenely expensive, and, in any case, lack individuality. Adding decoration to a simple factory frame is a creative process. It allows you to show taste and imagination and turn the frame into an original work of art.

It is especially pleasing that there are no strict rules for decorating, and anyone, even a child, can get creative. The starting point is the simplest purchased frame; in some cases you can cut the frame from cardboard. Decorating is a fun activity that does not require any special skills. Decorating a photo frame can be done in a hundred different ways; popular ideas include the following:

  • Coloring. It is easiest to paint the frame from any material with aerosol universal paints; it is convenient to use stencils. It is possible to apply various techniques; to the wooden surface the effect of aging is applied.
  • Gluing. A common way to decorate; material is paper, pieces of fabric, wallpaper.
  • Gluing is a popular type of decoration. Homemade frames, pasted with unexpected material, from bottle caps and pencils to buttons from an old keyboard, become a great gift for friends.

Finishing a paper tube mullion has an original look. Before decorating the frame, prepare the necessary materials. From an old magazine, strips are cut to a width equal to the width of the frame. Using a knitting needle, each strip is rolled into a tube, and the edge is glued.

Decor ideas

For a long time no one has tried to count the number of all possible ways to decorate photo frames. Since they participate in the decoration of the interior, they are often performed in a particular style. The decoupage technique, which is especially often used for the style of chic, provence or boho, copes well with the task of style matching.

With its help an ornament or a drawing is fixed on the photo frame and then secured with clear varnish.

Decoration in the form of a panel with the use of natural materials such as branches, cones and dried flowers is valued. The frame in the interior receives volume and turns into a real work of art. It is important that such decor does not overshadow the photo and match the style of the surroundings.

Decorating a passepartout with yarn is an easy, inexpensive and quick way to get an original frame for a memorable photo. The frame is embroidered with multicolored yarns. You can use different colors mixed up or make a gradient transition. In any case it is better to choose a sturdy yarn, which will not lose its appearance after cleaning from dust.

Lovers of seaside holidays and painstaking work will not be able to resist the temptation to keep warm memories in such an original way. A photo framed with pebbles and seashells will be the best reminder of vacation days.

A popular trend is the volume photo frames in the interior in the boho or shebby-chic style. You will need a sheet of heavy cardboard, a piece of burlap or linen cloth for covering the base and glue. Decoration can be anything you find in the house: buttons, twine, lace, jewelry, dried flowers. The main thing is to match the color scheme.

An impressive example of budget decor – a mosaic of eggshells. The shells are pre-prepared: cleaned from the film, washed and dried. The ready fragments are painted in the necessary shades, dried and broken into pieces of suitable size. The cardboard base is covered with acrylic paint; on it, with the help of glue, the chosen pattern is formed.

Glued decor keeps at the peak of popularity, which is not strange. Bribe is the simplicity of production and minimal costs. Stylishly decorate the frame can be literally what you can find in the yard.

If you have accumulated a lot of rhinestones and beads from old scattered beads, give them a second life.

Your favorite photo will get a worthy frame, and you – a warming of the soul. Before you plunge into the nirvana of creativity, it’s worth taking care of the pattern or ornament – it is planned in advance.

Many can boast a collection of assorted packing (gift) paper. Very often, these sheets are great texture and absolutely ridiculous coloring. This kind of material can turn into the perfect frame decor. Sometimes it is easier to repaint a textured sheet in a different color, and then use it to implement the idea.

Effectively looks a frame on the wall in the technique of quilling. This interesting direction of needlework has many admirers. Volumetric decor is created from pre-twisted strips of colored paper. Long and narrow strips, twisted into spirals, are given different shapes, resulting in a three-dimensional composition. Photo frames, the decor of which used bright, juicy colors, are well suited for decorating children’s rooms.

Original things are made from improvised materials, which are easy to find in every home. To create a stylish decor, coins, incomplete puzzles, buttons will do. In the stash of a true craftswoman you will find a lot of interesting in color and texture patches and remnants of thread, which will not be difficult to tie the base.

Another quick and budget way to get a beautiful frame for the photo is to wrap it with decorative tape (washi tape). Manufacturers offer a wide selection of decorative tape, among which there are very interesting, for example, vintage, with images of old newspapers or tickets. It takes literally a few minutes to make an elegant frame from decorative tape.

decor photo frame

Photo frames in the interior

There is a collection of family photos in every home, but the idea of using pictures in the interior decor was developed by European designers. Thanks to their efforts, frames on the wall in the interior have become a familiar decoration; they are placed not only on the walls, but also on any horizontal surfaces – shelves, dressers, tables and mantelpiece shelves.

A family album or its modern counterpart, a folder on a hard drive or in the cloud, is considered a more familiar way to store photos. But if you want to make your home more cozy, to emphasize its individuality, and just to decorate the room, without photos in the appropriate frame can not do without.

In the interior decor use frames of different shapes and designs. Depending on the idea it can be one large photo or a composition of several photos.

In order to a collection of photos looked harmonious, not enough to decorate the frame. It is necessary that the style and color palette of photo frames on the wall in the interior coincided with the style of the room.

It is also important to take into account the subject of the collage: wedding pictures are unlikely to hang in the hallway. For different rooms, there are the following preferences in the choice of the subjects of the created composition:

Living room. Frames with family photos are most appropriate here. Such a collection is placed on the wall above the sofa or on a mantelpiece, necessarily at eye level. Also the size of the pictures should be taken into consideration: the largest pictures should be above that level to make it easier to look at small ones.

Bedroom. It is a place for romantic photos, as well as reports of exciting trips. The dearest photos would look especially well if you could choose exceptional frames, for example with nautical or wedding themes.

Children’s room. For young owners of children’s rooms choose frames with bright decor on fairy tale or cartoon themes, as well as soft textile models. A teenager will like the original frame in the loft or steampunk style.

Corridor. Some people consider it not the best place for a collection of photos, but it all depends on the size of the room. There are many examples when the composition, placed in the corridor, makes the interior interesting and complete.

For all types of rooms, designers advise combining frames of different shapes in compositions. Sometimes it is more convenient to use multiframes, but for them the decor options are significantly (sometimes up to zero) reduced.

Combinations of frames of different sizes and styles are allowed in compositions, the main thing is that there was harmony between the photo and its frame. With caution should be combined photo frames made of different materials: the result is not always successful.

Empty frames on the wall in the interior are used as a decorative element. Usually they are unified, choosing one (or several similar) color and style. Such compositions look great in eclectic interiors, and also fit perfectly into Scandinavian, vintage (chebby-chic), rustic style.