How to wear accessories for maternity photo shoot

As in other family and portrait photo shoots, various accessories can be used in such a shoot, which will not only allow you to take atmospheric and diverse photos, but also give them a special meaning.

Let’s take a look with you at what accessories for maternity photo shoots can be considered the most winning and popular.

Baby clothes and shoes

Getting ready to become parents, you have probably already bought a lot of beautiful things for your future child. Hats and bodysuits, dresses and bonnets, overalls and shirts with inscriptions – you probably can not wait to put it all on the baby. To make the waiting was not so tedious, take something of this beauty with you on the photo shoot. The leader in the list of baby clothes to take to the photo shoot, of course, is children’s shoes. Various booties, booties and tiny sneakers will not be able to leave indifferent any expectant mother and will be a cute addition to the image of a pregnant girl.

Lively flowers

Another leader of the list of accessories for pregnancy photo shoots are various flowers. These can be single flowers or bouquets, as well as ornaments or wreaths.

Flowers give a woman’s image tenderness and airiness. One of the options for using fresh flowers at the photo shoot is a light nude, where a bouquet plays the role of a part of the “clothing” of the model.


Also quite a popular accessory for pregnancy photo shoots.  This can be a single balloon or a whole bunch of balloons. The balloons can be differently colored or monochrome in the color of the sex of the baby.

Decorations on the abdomen

These can be flowers made of fabric, beautiful belts or just a large festive bow. The main thing here is to emphasize the beauty of the tummy, and not to cover it with accessories.

Ultrasound scan

If you have a picture of the ultrasound of your unborn child, it can become a very significant part of the photo shoot. After all, this is the first picture of your baby. Such photos most advantageously look decorated in a beautiful frame.


Various letters and inscriptions have recently become a trend in family photo shoots. Wooden and plastic letters and words, slate, garlands, dice and even letters from the game Scrabble are used. The inscriptions can be quite different: boy or girl, coming soon, family, love, etc. It can be the name of the future child or the expected month of his birth. Also, it can be different funny and touching notes, messages to the baby or meaningful letters and numbers for the family.

Trivia indicating the sex of the child

Very beautiful look different accessories on which you can understand who are expecting parents – a boy or a girl. For a girl, it may be a crown, a doll, a decorative pink pram. For a boy – mustache on a stick, a car, an airplane, a soldier.

maternity photo shoot


A rug is a unique accessory, which can create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. As an addition to the image for the photo shoot, the rug can be used at any time of year – in summer you can sit on it if the photo shoot is held outdoors, and on cold winter days you can wrap up in it with your husband and feel all the warmth of the family.


Very funny can be photos, where the participants of the shooting listen to what is happening in the belly of the future mother. Especially cute look in the role of “eavesdropping” older children. If there is no stethoscope, simple tin cans will do.

Edible trifles

Milk bottles decorated beautifully with a tube and inscription, cupcakes in the color of the baby’s sex, colorful lollipops on a stick will bring bright colors and a great mood into the frame.