Personal Brand Photography Event: Brand a New You for the New Year

Hello 2023!

Last year, I launched a new photography product, Personal Brand Photography, and the response was incredible! We managed to take brands that were struggling to reach their audience and create stories and engagement on social media that wowed their clients and got eyeballs on their brand!

This year, I want to expand that to even more clients! I’m looking for five online entrepreneurs and influencers who need photos of themselves to promote their business and grow their audience with personal brand photography.


Anyone can buy a stock image or buy into the same social media image subscription plan and receive the same twenty curated social media images as thousands of other people. Sure, the creators of these stock image plans tell you that you can throw an Instagram filter on the image and no one will notice that you’re running the same images and text as everyone else, but guess what?

People notice.

With personal brand photography, your Instagram feed will be unique as your company or brand. Together, we will meet for a consultation to plan out your themes and stories for 60-90 days worth of content that will encourage likes and drive engagement in your own voice, about your own passions. From this framework, we’ll work together to design a custom photoshoot for them that perfectly reflects their brand and story.

Then, I will come to the location of your choice to shoot images that fit your brand profile, color scheme, and personality — images that tell your unique stories and get your point-of-view across to your audience. You will receive 3 months worth of custom images for daily social media posting or to use anywhere they do business online, including print marketing and advertising, including an unlimited license to crop, edit, print, and publish the photos for your brand, as well your custom-designed 60 – 90 day social media story blueprint, so you’ll always have an image and an outline for your posts! No more writer’s block! No more mediocre or cookie-cutter stock photos! You also receive a professional headshot to use on all of your social media profiles.

The starting price for this service is usually $1699, but I am so committed to starting the new year off right and showing you the power of truly customized stories and photographs, that I am only charging $499 for the first five people to book a quarterly session by Monday 21 January 2023. AND, for the rest of January 2023, book an annual plan and receive $500 off the already discounted annual plan price!


If you know someone who would love to get one of these spots, please mention them below or send this post to them. If YOU are interested, send me a message and we’ll get you booked. They are on a first-come, first-served basis  and will be officially booked once payment has been received.

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