What photo accessories outside portraits

Rare photo shoots can do without the use of props. Even in portrait shoots additional accessories are used, because they help to fill the empty spaces, attract attention or create the desired atmosphere. Regardless of the type of photo shoot you want to do, you have to use accessories with care so as not to make it too cluttered. In this article we’ll tell you the secrets of how to choose the right props for the photo to create a more attractive shot and a harmonious composition.

Commercial Photography

The role of props in photography is to attract the interest of the viewer, to bring character into the picture or to add context and meaning to the scene.

Most often used photo props for object photography, especially in advertising: it “frames” the main object. Props help to form a complete picture and unite objects in a single story. This creates an attractive scene that evokes a desire to buy the advertised product.

Photo props are often used in landscape photography, usually to add interest to the foreground. A classic example would be a shot of a campsite with a lighted tent. In the above photo, it’s just an extra element to help fill the frame, while the main focus is on the night sky.

Although the human face is an interesting subject in itself, there are only a few positions you can “play with” for an interesting shot. With an additional accessory, you can diversify your portrait photos. The most common examples of props for portraits are:

Multicolored garlands.

They help draw attention to the face and are often used as additional lighting. Garlands also create an atmosphere of magic and mystery. This option is very popular with bloggers on Instagram.


Massive costume jewelry is most often used, as it draws the focus to the face. Fine, elegant jewelry adds sophistication to the shot. You can use such props as a means of expression in photography.


Both simple with dioptres and sunglasses are used. With a variety of shapes and colors, this accessory is easy to use to create different atmospheres: serious, fashionable, humorous or light.


Not such an obvious choice, but a great solution to add a splash of color.

Another plus is that accessories can help a person feel more comfortable in front of the camera. This is especially helpful if you are photographing a non-professional model.

photo accessories

Tips for using photo props

Let’s talk about how you should use photo props and still not ruin the shot. Here are some tips for creating shots that will grab the attention of viewers:

Choose subjects based on purpose

Experienced photographers accumulate a large collection of photography equipment over time. This can make them want to use their favorite items in almost every photo set. However, when choosing photo props, you should start with the overall concept. For example, even if your client is a big original, he is unlikely to like it if you take a picture of jewelry on a cutting board for meat.

Adjust the color scheme

Additional accessories are a great way to control color. For example, if you’re shooting a landscape or portrait, there’s no way you can affect the color scheme, only change it in your photo editing software. But when you add props for a photo shoot, you can create an image based on the colors you want. Just add elements of the shade you want to emphasize.

Add a sense of depth and mystery

Using props in nature is a great way to liven up a boring landscape. It will provide attention and add a splash of color. Don’t be afraid to include unexpected objects in the shot – it will create a sense of mystery. The viewer will be interested to ponder what this object has to do with the overall scene.

This technique also helps to achieve depth in the image. It will make the photo more appealing by directing the gaze from the foreground to the background and give room for the viewer’s imagination.

Ideas for different types of shots

Now you know how to use accessories and diversify a photo set. Here are a few ideas on how to pick up props for object photography and other types of photo shoots.


Use them for their true purpose, to frame objects in the frame. This is a great option for advertising photography, although this technique can be used in any genre, including focusing on the model’s face in a portrait photo shoot.


A very handy option for traveling photography, as they are small enough to be carried around with you. Mostly used for rainy weather photos, though umbrellas also look great against a blue sky. And they can also be used to diversify a uniform photo backdrop, such as a wall.

Flowers – in pots or cut flowers, live or artificial

The most popular option with almost any photographer. They will add a flash of color or can blend into the background. The option is suitable for any type of photo shoot in a photo studio or outdoors.

Food and drink

A well-composed composition of food would be great for everyday shots of your life. Food and drink bottles can be added to the subject and promotional photo shoots. All you need to do is place colorful fruit or juice bottles and glasses where they will stand out.


These can be used in conjunction with other objects to create symmetry. Placing the main object on a mirrored surface creates an original effect in which the object looks as if it is floating on water. Mirrors in portrait and advertising photography give additional focus to the main subject of the photo shoot.

Photo props for a photo shoot can help create an unforgettable shot or completely ruin it. You, your experience and imagination determine the result. However, don’t forget that a photo’s success largely depends on editing. Even perfectly matched accessories won’t save the picture if it’s too faded or darkened.